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Federal adoption of cloud computing

Jan 29, 2015

Government agencies can sometimes be slow to adopt new technologies, preferring to wait until they have become more established and tested.This holds true for the US federal agencies and cloud technology. They have previously cited security concerns,...MORE INFO


Cloud computing and the future of flexible working

Jan 23, 2015

Cloud computing has many benefits, one of which is enabling us to work from anywhere, any time. How will this effect the future of business? More to the point, how will it effect the future of the physical office? There is a very real possibility tha...MORE INFO


EU Wants To Make Cloud Computing Greener

Jan 16, 2015

Officials at the European Commission are considering proposals to make enterprise servers greener, this would have a significant effect on the cloud computing industry as such servers are vital for operation of cloud servers.Regulation of servers in ...MORE INFO


How IT Is Planning For Its Hybrid Reality

Jan 13, 2015

As we settle into the new year, the ever present push of the cloud is stronger than ever. The face of IT is being restructured across the globe, and the role of the traditional IT department is changing fast. Embracing a new set of responsibilities c...MORE INFO



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