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Empowering The Customer And The Future Of Cloud In Europe

Oct 31, 2014

We are fast entering a world where astonishing computer power can be quickly deployed by anyone with relative ease. Cloud computing is revolutionising the face of business at every level. Many of the fastest growing companies have, in part, achieved ...MORE INFO


The Problem With Passwords

Oct 15, 2014

Passwords are a pain. Recent data from a survey conducted by Centrify Corporation confirms this, revealing that employees waste on average £261 a year in company time attempting to manage passwords.That adds up quickly. In a company of 500 people th...MORE INFO


Uniting Cloud And IT Infrastructure For The Best Of Both Worlds

Oct 10, 2014

Cloud technology is a driving force in business today. IDC, the leading provider of global market intellignce on IT says that 85% of new software being built today is for the cloud. The technology has moved firmly from the experimental stage to the v...MORE INFO



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