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Saving the public sector with Internet of Things

Nov 28, 2014

It's no secret that the public sector has been strained by recent austerity measures put in place by the government. So in order to save itself, the public sector must look to technology for support. Open source software and Internet of Things are ra...MORE INFO


Cloud Adoption In Africa And The Middle East

Nov 14, 2014

The annual Cisco Global Cloud Index report predicts continued strong growth of cloud services in Africa over the next four years, with private cloud surpassing public cloud by quite some margin. Over the same time period, the study also predicted dat...MORE INFO


Combating The Risk Of BYOD Culture

Nov 07, 2014

Not all that long ago the practice of using personal devices at work was frowned upon in many workplaces.It was viewed as a threat to productivity, a threat to security and a barrier to effective quality control and monitoring. Fast forward to today ...MORE INFO



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