5 Cloud Predictions For 2015

Dec 18, 2014

2014 has certainly been an interesting year in the world of cloud computing. There's been some real success stories, exciting developments in the technology, and a handful of less positive stories such as the leaked celebrity photos.

On the whole, things are moving onwards and upwards and 2015 is set to see continued development, public acceptance and further investment in cloud.

As is customary this time of year, we thought it would be fun to make some predictions for the coming twelve months. Predictions are notoriously inaccurate, however, we think these are pretty much set in stone.

1. Cloud APIs Promote Integration Of Systems

REST interfaces and cloud API will go a long way to help both developers and IT departments in integrating multiple cloud and on-premises services.

2. Cloud Hacks

Cloud security is improving every day, but so are hackers and their methods. Human negligence is also a constant in the universe. We are almost guaranteed to see some notable hacks of cloud systems in 2015. Does this mean cloud is done for? Of course not.

3. Docker

The open source container technology known as 'Docker' will make it easier to build, migrate and maintain cloud applications. Many major cloud providers already support Docker or have plans to in 2015.

4. IoT Internet of Things

We are on the precipice of a huge shift in how we use and interact with technology on a daily basis. Industry analyists are predicting we will have just shy of 5 billion IoT enabled devices in 2015. So what is the internet of things? IoT refers to the networking of physical objects (such as your phone, traffic lights, your kettle, your house, your car) that are all connected to the internet. This has a number of benefits such as increased efficiency and convenience for end users.

5. Hybrid Cloud Management

2015 will be the year of the hybrid cloud. If you want to manage data across public, private and on-premises systems, hybrid cloud will allow you to do so with ease. Hybrid cloud is already here, but in 2015 we will start to see it being used more widely, in part, due to the growing number of tools designed manage hybrid cloud.



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