Cloud Adoption In Africa And The Middle East

Nov 14, 2014

The annual Cisco Global Cloud Index report predicts continued strong growth of cloud services in Africa over the next four years, with private cloud surpassing public cloud by quite some margin. Over the same time period, the study also predicted data centre traffic to triple, with cloud accounting for 76 per cent of all data centre traffic.

The Cisco report also anticipates half of the planet to have domestic internet access by the year 2018, and 53 per cent of content to be supported by personal cloud storage services. “African enterprises are steadily embracing cloud computing as the next big step in the advancement of the internet. This trend is definitely being witnessed in Africa as more and more individuals and companies are embracing could-based solutions,” the report said.

It went on to say that from 2013-2018 the Middle East and Africa is likely to have the second highest growth rate for cloud workload, lagging only behind the Asia Pacific region. Data centre traffic in Africa and Middle East is predicted to reach 366 exabytes per year, and 30 exabytes per month by 2018. This is up from 68 exabytes per year in 2013. Cisco also said that global data centre traffic would triple over the next five years with a combined yearly growth rate of 23 per cent.
The 8.6 zettabytes of data centre traffic predicted for 2018 is roughly equivalent to streaming all of the movies and television shows ever made in the highest definition. Cloud traffic globally is growing faster than data centre traffic. In 2013 alone, cloud made up 54 per cent of total data centre traffic, and by 2018, cloud will account for 76 per cent of total data centre traffic.
The Global Cloud Index report also predicted that by 2018, 53 per cent of internet users globally will be using cloud storage services, and that consumer cloud storage will reach 811 megabytes per user per month. This is compared to just 186 megabytes per month in 2013.

By 2018, 31 per cent of cloud workload will be in public cloud data centres, the report predicted. This is up from 22 per cent in 2013. It concluded that the number of 'cloud ready' countries is continuing to grow. In 2013, 69 countries met the single advanced application criteria for fixed network. This year, the number of countries meeting that criteria rose to 109.




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