Uniting Cloud And IT Infrastructure For The Best Of Both Worlds

Oct 10, 2014

Cloud technology is a driving force in business today. IDC, the leading provider of global market intellignce on IT says that 85% of new software being built today is for the cloud. The technology has moved firmly from the experimental stage to the very forefront of business and personal IT.

Talking to customers, it is clear that they fundamentally understand the cloud and its benefits. It is also clear though that many are unsure of what model of cloud computing would best suit them, and are struggling to integrate cloud into their existing IT strategies.

Annual spending on cloud infrastructure is expected to reach $70 billion by the year 2017. This is a significant increase from the $32 billion spend in 2012. The rise of public and private cloud technologies requires IT executives to totally rethink their IT infrastructure. The effects of cloud are far reaching, influencing everything from people and processes to software and hardware.

Your cloud needs to match the business and technological goals unique to your company. This is absolutely key to implementing cloud effectively. In our experience, often times the best solution for companies is a hybrid cloud approach. With a hybrid solution, you are afforded the luxury of being able to move applications and and services between public and private clouds, and reap the benefits of both systems for ultimate flexibility.

As an example, a department may need to set up a new development instance for testing new analytics capabilities, or roll out a promotion to a specific region at short notice. An effective hybrid cloud infrastructure allows for the easy optimisation of workloads across an entire IT infrastructure.

Be Flexible!

Infrastructure is at the very core of efficient cloud technologies. Enterprises that successfully employ cloud strategies to compliment their existing IT infrastructure are rewarded with greater flexibility and are better positioned to implement new business strategies and so more quickly

Ask yourself these important questions before committing to a cloud service.

1. What does my business need most and how will cloud help achieve that?
2. Which cloud infrastructure will provide most benefit and optimisation potential foreach element of my business?
3. How can I track and evaluate the benefits that cloud brings to my business?

We work businesses to help answer those all important questions and find the right cloud solution for you. With the latest and greatest cloud technology at our disposal, there's never been a better time to make the leap.



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