What is a data centre?

Oct 26, 2015

At Couno we don’t believe in talking in techno jargon, and we’re pretty passionate about ensuring that our clients understand our services from their own point of view in terms of the service benefits delivered to them. Nevertheless we do get asked to explained key terms from time to time, so here we take a closer look at data centres, explaining just what they are in jargon free and completely understandable English.
So, what is a data centre?
Data centres are a dedicated area where companies can store and operate the majority of their IT infrastructure. Here there could be servers, storage equipment and all that is required to run the applications, hardware and software for a business’s everyday processes and operations.
However the needs of companies of course differ from business to business, with some simply requiring cage or rack equipment (which take up a relatively small space) whereas other, larger and data heavier businesses need an entire room that is home to cabinets, racks, cages and plenty of cabinets. A data centre set up
Data centres are areas where plenty of whirling, processing and data crunching goes on, and as such this equipment can get pretty hot without the right ventilation. Due to this there’s a pretty specific set up required for a data centre that operates as it should.
For a starting point it may feature raised flooring with cabling ducts running underneath the machines (of which there are many, many cables!). Beyond this the room then needs to be strictly controlled in terms of both heat and humidity, which are achieved through solid ventilation and heating systems, as well as via robust equipment that continually measures the data centre’s environment.
Data’s centres: Options for the modern business
Operating a data centre can be an inherently expensive business and whilst they may be stored in-house, many businesses choose to outsource this facility to an outside professional, dedicated service. This latter example, contrary to popular belief, does not mean that the company need relinquish control, and it can save time and money, improving safety, efficiency and processing levels in the process.
At Couno we like to think of ourselves as the Go-To company for solid data centre services for the fast paced, demanding financial sector. Our standards are amongst the highest in the industry and each and every one of our clients looks forward to robust analysis and assessment, followed up by meticulous implementation and completed with a continual focus upon adopting and growing as our clients do. Talk to us today about how our data centre services could streamline your business.



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