Why Switch To A Managed IT Solution?

Dec 09, 2014

'The Cloud' is slowly taking over. It has passed tipping point. For most businesses it really is a no brainer, it is just a matter of when rather why.

If you still aren't convinced however keep on reading for just a few benefits of this transformative technology.

Reduced Operating Costs

A low, fixed monthly fee means you can budget with confidence. Managed IT support means no surprises, just the support you need as and when you need it.

One of the most significant savings is maintaining expensive servers and a larger IT team to run them. Not to mention the physical office space you will save which can be put to better use or simply shaved off the rental cost of your premises.


Lower Capital Outlay

Avoid the huge initial costs associated with the set up of specialist IT equipment, software and hiring or training of staff.


Reduced Environmental Cost

Centralising your IT systems is a great way of reducing your carbon footprint, and will help to massively reduce on site energy costs associated with power-hungry servers. If all or most businesses moved to the cloud it would have a very significant in helping to fight the causes of global warming. 


Reduced Risks

With predictable costs comes reduced financial risk. Managed IT services also means you no longer have to worry about annual leave or absent employees.


Take Advantage Of The Latest Technology

Outsourcing IT means you can take advantage of that organisation's infrastructure, comprising of the very latest technology and highly trained people. 


Lets You Focus On Your Business

Hiring and training your own IT staff is expensive and time consuming. Outsourcing IT services and IT support allows you to focus more on your own business and can often reduce downtime.



Many IT services offer pay as you go style plans and are very accommodating of your needs. Whether you are anticipating rapid growth and need added support, or if you need to cut costs in less prosperous times.

Cloud also offers low barriers of entry. You can have an office space up and running very quickly, without the hold ups that you would find with having to set up in house servers, computers and networks. Consider also that almost any application, from financial planning, to office applications, management and industry specific apps can all be run remotely.



Many people think cloud computing is less secure than traditional methods, but this really needn't be the case. People are the number one risk to system security, this is true with cloud too. If you train your staff effectively and follow procedure then there is no reason why a cloud based system should be any less secure than any other.

In fact, a good cloud based system can actually be more secure than a traditional environment with in office servers, computers, papers and so on. Cloud also offers more robust disaster recovery and business continuity/



Providing a consistent service in today's world is of utmost importance. Managed IT support can help to maximise continuity of service and keep your customers happy. Likewise, should you experience a technical or physical disaster you will be better placed to deal with it.



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