3rd October 2022

Software Vulnerabilities that Hackers are Feasting on Right Now

Software vulnerabilities are an unfortunate part of working with technology. A developer puts out a software release with millions of lines of code. Then, hackers look for loopholes that allow them to breach a system through that code. The developer issues a patch to fix the vulnerability. But it’s not long before a new feature…

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Laptop Updating Software

19th September 2022

6 Discontinued Technology Tools You Shouldn’t Be Using Anymore

You can always rely on technology to keep changing. Tools that were once staples, like Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash, age out. Then new tools replace them. Discontinued technology can leave computers and networks vulnerable to attacks. While older technology may still run fine on your systems that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to use….

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1st September 2022

Five Reasons Your Business Needs Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

You may be wondering: Why does my business need Multi-Factor Authentication? If you’ve heard about it before, the idea of it may have even put you off. It’s a common misconception that enabling MFA is going to cause an inconvenience for users. Adding another step to the login process might seem unnecessary at first, but…

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