8th August 2022

How Often Do You Need to Train Employees on Cybersecurity Awareness?

So you’ve completed your annual phishing and cybersecurity awareness training. You taught employees how to spot phishing emails. You’re feeling good about it… That is until about 5-6 months later when your company suffers a costly ransomware infection due to a click on a phishing link. Why do you seem to need to train on…

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Security shield on a digital data background

25th July 2022

5 Mobile Device Attacks You Need to Look Out For

Smartphones and tablets tend to be the preferred device for communication, web searching and accessing apps. They’re portable and can be used from anywhere, making them incredibly convenient. We’re seeing mobiles taking over many activities that used to be performed on traditional computers. Microsoft estimates that up to 80% of the workload in many enterprise…

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11th July 2022

Which Form of MFA Is the Most Convenient? Which Is Most Secure?

Credential theft is at an all-time high and it’s responsible for more data breaches than any other type of attack. With data and business processes now largely cloud-based, a user’s password is the quickest and easiest way to conduct many different types of dangerous activities. Keeping yourself logged into devices as a user (especially with…

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