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Understanding True Hybrid Cloud


14th July 2020

At Couno we understand that for businesses looking for Cloud solutions, there can be a huge amount of information out there, about numerous different services. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with an innovative solution that’s like no other. Nutanix is revolutionising the way organisations build and operate their own private cloud. This is something that many businesses are evaluating at the moment, with hybrid cloud architectures becoming a progressive Cloud option. 

Public and Private Cloud 

Many people are beginning to realise that as a business grows, managing multiple Cloud systems or battling to expand your Cloud space can be a real challenge. In many cases, public clouds are so different to each other, and other on-premises cloud, that they lack flexibility and often require re-architecting to meet client’s needs – which is a big and tiresome job.  

Nutanix essentially exists to take away these laborious administration and management tasks, and seamlessly span private and public clouds of all shapes and sizes from one platform. 


Nutanix Clusters allow you to transport Nutanix software between different cloud locations – offering a true hybrid transition between both private and public clouds. You can provide a nearly identical experience across your platforms whether it be on apps, sharing licenses or moving a virtual machine (VM). 

Real Business Benefits of Nutanix True Hybrid Cloud 


Having consistency is vital to roll out Cloud solutions and systems across your infrastructure. It’s also important to maintain consistency within your operations and consumption model so that software can be ported. With Nutanix, engineers will be able to manage their entire infrastructure with seamless transition due to the consistency across the board that comes from true hybrid optimisation.  


Step into the future and stay ahead of your competitors by ensuring you have the most reach, while also having trustworthy and future-proof Cloud solutions in place.  

Eliminating Boundaries  

Less complexity, more productivity. Save your time and resources by streamlining your processes, integrating your systems and simplifying your cloud solutions to become a more efficiently run business.  

We’re recommending Nutanix True Hybrid Cloud solutions because we truly believe that it is the best cost-effective solution out there. You can be rest-assured your business data is safe, no matter where it is stored. Nutanix has limitless scalability, so that you don’t have to worry again about whether you need to update your Cloud solution.  

To learn more about Nutanix, and to book a free trial, click here to visit our new micro-site.