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Why Microsoft Teams is a silver bullet for productivity


19th February 2020

In this article you’ll learn why digital collaboration platforms are a must and why Microsoft Teams is the one.

Discovering halfway through a meeting you’re not needed. Then discovering the meeting could’ve worked as a ten-minute call. 

We’ve all been there. 

But thanks to remote work and platforms like Microsoft Teams, such insanity is on the decline. With instant messaging, file sharing and video calling, co-workers can collaborate better than a well caffeinated ant colony. The data backs it up. 

Qualitative Benefits

But why? Leadership consultant, Nigel Paine emphasises the importance technology plays in fostering a collaborative work culture. In summary; team collaboration is important, so you might as well optimise it with the right tool.

Time to ditch those antiquated email threads and unresponsive agendas for something that works as fast as the business.

Got it. Microsoft Teams is good… But isn’t that what Slack is?

Correct. They’re both great. However, Teams has one ace in the hole and a few extras such as…

Who Bot:

Using Microsoft A.I, WhoBot searches departments for who does what. Less need to bother co-workers when tracking down someone specific.

Video calls:

Better than Slack’s; 80-person limit over Slack’s fifteen. You can also blur your background.  Great if you’re calling from a café or don’t like your kitchen décor. There’s also a built in record feature so the days of piecing together what people said from patchy notes are over.  

Throw in extra security certifications, an upload limit of 15GB (Slack’s is 1) and even integrated GIFs. 

But here’s the real killer.

Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly with Office 365

Teams can share, edit and work on anything from a PowerPoint to a spreadsheet instantly from within their chat windows. Latest versions are saved to One Cloud. And they’re searchable from a smartphone instead of buried on an office server.  It’s the difference between chefs having their tools neatly laid out before them instead of scattered throughout their kitchen. 

P.S. Office 365 comes with Microsoft Teams, cheapest option being just $5 – Slack’s is $6.67.

Someone said Teams takes ages to set up

Compared to Slack, certainly. But Slack is a messaging tool. Microsoft Teams is a whole new way for your organisation to operate. It even offers industry specific team templates. So the question isn’t “Teams or Slack”. It’s; 

are you ready to advance your organisation and their productivity with a superior tool?

Claiming over 20 million daily active users to Slack’s 12 million, businesses have already spoken.

If you’re serious about your company’s productivity and moving into the Modern Workplace, contact the Couno team who can help get you started.