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3 crucial ways Datto backup keeps your SaaS data safe


2nd August 2021

Software as a Service applications such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are incredible tools for boosting collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. These cloud-based applications enable you to work remotely on the go, or in the office while seamlessly accessing all your files.  

However, they’re not without their challenges for businesses. You could be forgiven for thinking that with your data in the Cloud, you don’t have to worry about things like backup.  

But what most businesses still don’t realise is that the onus is on them to prevent data loss.  

Datto backup for businesses with Couno

While Microsoft and Google will take responsibility for any data loss that occurs due to system failure, apart from that, all they promise is to keep any deleted files in a ‘trash’ file for 30 days. After that short time period, they will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored.  

More businesses are starting to realise that additional SaaS protection in the form of comprehensive backup is a must-have. We know how valuable your data is. That’s why we provide Datto SaaS protection solutions to ensure your data will be securely backed up, no matter what happens. 

Here’s 3 ways Datto backup can help your business:  

1. In the case of an accident

Accidents happen – all the time. We’ve all accidentally deleted something essential or clicked the wrong button. The scary thing is that sometimes critical, personal or business data can be deleted and lost forever. If your system’s ‘trash’ empties or files are deleted from there, you’re going to need additional backup to restore lost files.  

2. Helping you to stay compliant

By investing in a backup solution specific to Microsoft 365, it demonstrates to clients, staff and partners that you take data security seriously. Without these measures in place, if data loss occurs for any reason (even accidental), you could lose all your files contained within the Microsoft 365 environment. Should you manage any HR or personal data within this environment, there may be data protection implications.   

3. Protection from cyber-threats

No business is immune to cyber threats. A company that holds any form of personal data has something that cybercriminals want, whether it be credit card details, bank information, personal identifiers or critical business data. Cyber-attacks almost always result in data loss. Sometimes the cybercriminals will hold that data for ransom or sell it on the Dark Web. Sometimes, even your whole IT system can go down, leaving you with no access to your data which is why cybersecurity solutions are so important. Without backup, it can be incredibly hard to recover data and remain operational in the event of an attack.  

Couno backup solutions with Datto

A safety net, no matter what.

Datto backup is the safety net that every business needs. No matter what happens, if disaster strikes, you will be able to restore lost data with Datto backup. Comprehensive backup is the only way to fully protect all the valuable data that you store in SaaS applications.  

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