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Backup & Data Recovery
Backup & Data Recovery

Couno Backup & Data Recovery Solutions

Couno Offer a offer a range of Backup & Data Recovery solutions for companies throughout London, including additional business continuity planning support.

Nobody is safe from cyber-attacks. With some of the biggest names in business and public services getting caught out, the threats are everywhere. Mobile phone companies, major retailers, social networks, even the NHS – they’ve all been hit by data theft, phishing scams and ransomware. It’s no longer a question of if your organisation will be targeted, but when.

Nobody – not even the best anti-virus software providers – can guarantee total immunity from a cyber-attack. What we can promise is that if the worst does happen, we’ll have your business-critical data covered. Thanks to our state-of-the-art cloud data backup services, we’ll constantly keep your data refreshed and up to date. That means whether a malicious data breach happens or someone accidentally trips the entire computer system, you’ll have all your important files and documents restored with minimal disruption to the working day.

Backup & Data Recovery

The importance of data backup for business continuity

The importance of regularly backing up your data cannot be under estimated.

Downtime and lost data cost money. The longer you’re out of action, the more money you’ll lose.

Any solution you use must be in real-time, so if you are subject to attack the last data back-up will have been taken just a few minutes beforehand.

What is cloud data backup?

A cloud data backup stores all your business-critical information online. It makes a picture-perfect copy of all your files, so if anything does go astray you’ll have a duplicate to fall back on.

When we set up your cloud data backup service, we’ll ensure your network automatically sends its encrypted data up to the cloud servers for later retrieval. We’ll monitor everything remotely and keep a constant eye out for any suspicious activity so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Cloud data backup for small business

Cloud Backup & Data Recovery

The beauty of working in the Cloud is that it’s completely flexible and scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. It’s not only the big fish that need to worry about data loss – cyber attacks and accidents happen to smaller companies with less than 50 staff too.

Couno is best known for our work with the financial, legal and property sectors, but we work with small businesses in all industries. If you’re looking for a reliable, reputable IT company, talk to us about how our expertise can provide you with the maximum protection available.


Disaster recovery policy and business continuity management

Your disaster recovery IT plan starts the moment a data breach has occurred, whether minor or significant.

Our first step is to stop the threat in its tracks. Next, we’ll check the last time your data was backed up, providing immediate in-house and remote IT support to get you back up and running quickly and seamlessly.

Reassurance, experience, expertise

The effects on businesses failing to back-up data are significant. Working with Couno gives you peace of mind that – even as attacks become more sophisticated and the risks increase – you’ve got the right level of defence in place.

Our experience means we’re leaders in our field. We’ve seen cyber-crime evolving over the years, and we’ve always made it our priority to keep our customers safe.

We’re happy to share our wisdom and experiences, but we also listen to you. The range of solutions we provide can be increased or decreased according to your business needs, but our exceptional levels of service will always stay the same.

Contact Couno about data backup, data recovery, disaster planning and business continuity today.

With Couno, it’s not just one IT person you’re relying on. It’s an experienced, multi-skilled, and fully-qualified team of people whose individual industry specialities offer you the very best in class.

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Couno’s customer charter

  • Our mission is to enhance your company’s productivity with data
  • Couno aims to increase your profitability with smoother business operation and lower fixed costs
  • We’re always available so, in case of a problem, we guarantee minimal disruption
  • To see the value we bring to your basis, analyse your company’s KPIs before and after we started service
  • We shape our service around your business. It’s completely scalable and you can increase or decrease service as and when your business requires it