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Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup

A failsafe cloud backup for business for your valuable business data

Almost all businesses will have some sort of continuity plan in place for, say, a fire or natural disaster. But when it comes to your IT systems it is just as, if not more, important to have some kind of protection in place to prevent loss of your critical files and data.

In the past, truly reliable backup solutions required very large upfront fees for expensive hardware and specialist software and involved a drawn-out configuration process. Since then, things have become a lot simpler.

Couno can continuously upload your sensitive business data securely up onto the cloud. This is essentially a private internet only accessible by you meaning you can protect your vital information from loss without requiring a significant up-front investment.

How cloud backup benefits your business

Cloud Backup

Once you’ve signed up for the service with Couno, regular cloud backups take place automatically. That means, right from the word go, you’ll be able to access your data if something were to happen to the original. These backups are monitored by our expert software 24/7, so we can resolve any issues straight away.

You can choose which files are backed up using our completely scalable service. Whether its files, emails or an entire computer system, you decide the level of coverage you want. You may also choose to archive certain files you can’t delete to save space on your current systems.

You will also be able to restore your files, information and systems to different locations. In the event of a fire, flood or theft, being able to download all your data onto a different computer could save your business.

With no upfront capital expenditure required for this service, your payments will be spread out over a monthly subscription. So, you’ll always know how much you’ll pay and when and with no hidden surprises.

Our cloud backup is completely reliable and private. When your critical data is in the cloud, it’ll be fully encrypted, so you know it is entirely secure with Couno.

Couno and cloud backup business services

We’ve got the necessary expertise in backup solutions and other managed services, whether in the Cloud or other platforms.

We know that your commercial success leads to success for us. For this reason, we know that a long term working partnership is vital.

We always give the best, impartial advice, and provide transparent pricing (no hidden charges or costs).

Ongoing service quality is paramount, and customer service is or number one priority.

Expert ongoing support

Our remote IT support provides unlimited Service Desk access via telephone, email or online portal, from 8.00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. We can also offer out of hours cover if that’s what you need.

All our front-line IT support staff are fully trained and technically certified. This is the best way to be sure we resolve any issues you might have quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

Finally, we perform 24×7 monitoring of your Cloud backups to ensure everything is working as expected. It also helps prevent any issues because we spot any warning signs.

This means your backups are dependable and will be there when you need them.

Talk to Couno about the best cloud backup for business

Couno understands the importance of business data and the most effective way to protect what is your company’s most valuable asset – the information you hold that your competitors don’t.

Please dial (number) or email (address) to book a consultation about cloud back-ups for your company.


Couno’s customer charter

  • Our mission is to enhance your company’s productivity with data
  • Couno aims to increase your profitability with smoother business operation and lower fixed costs
  • We’re always available so, in case of a problem, we guarantee minimal disruption
  • To see the value we bring to your basis, analyse your company’s KPIs before and after we started service
  • We shape our service around your business. It’s completely scalable and you can increase or decrease service as and when your business requires it