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Small Business IT Support
Small Business IT Support

Small Business IT support for companies with up 100 staff

For small- and medium-sized businesses with up 100 staff, employing dedicated in-house ICT staff can be very expensive. How can working with Couno help your business technology needs?

As your company develops and grows, so does your IT system.  But often, through a combination of time and financial constraints, it’s not possible to employ an in-house IT expert or team who can service an entire system on site.

Couno’s small business IT support services are designed to keep your costs down while providing excellent service and outcomes. You receive full IT support and maintenance from a large and experienced team – and that support is available instantaneously.

“For years, as we were growing the business, I had no real idea whether the systems I was advised to buy in for the company were actually best for the company. They worked the vast majority of the time although they were pretty inflexible. Every phase of growth we went through meant getting new software in and sometimes replacing old hardware. Working with the Couno team gives me an insight I didn’t really have before because they’re very careful to explain everything in plain English.”

MF, MD, Direct Marketing Firm

Small Business IT support

When done in house, small business IT costs can spiral.  Unless you’re technically minded yourself, it’s difficult to know where the IT shortfalls in your company are. This presents major challenges, not only in understanding what you need but also when it comes to interviewing for technical staff.

It’s hard for smaller companies to get IT right – we know that. That’s why so many new and growing businesses across Essex and London come to us to support their changing needs.

Small business IT support UK

Technical problems regularly stumping you and your colleagues?  And every time it happens, does it slow down or stop activity in other areas of the business? We understand.

As a small business, you get unlimited access to our remote service by email and phone. We guarantee both the time it takes to respond to a problem and when we will resolve it.

“There’s little worse than the computers going down because I didn’t know how to fix them. Parts of the business would grind to a halt. When the vital systems of your company cease to function, the costs are enormous. When problems do occur, Couno can fix nearly all of them remotely. If they can’t, they send an engineer out very quickly who fixes the problems.”

MF, MD, Direct Marketing Firm

With almost half of UK businesses suffering some form of cyber attack in 2016 alone, it’s now the number one threat to smaller companies. Our software works round the clock,  preventing downtime and stopping any form of cyberattack on your company before they can cause a big problem.

We’ll update your system with the latest software patches, firewalls and anti-virus programs, keeping a constant vigilant eye out to protect you against ransomware.

With Couno as your partner, you won’t have to worry about becoming another statistic – we’ve got your back.

Small business IT support services

We approach every new meeting with a small business customer as an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship. Whatever your size or budget, you deserve an IT system that you can count on not only to help you with business tasks, but to thrive.

Your success is our success. And if you’re happy, so are we.

As well as being great with computers, we pride ourselves on our people skills. We’re friendly, customer focused and never talk in the kind of jargon that only other technical people understand – it’s our policy to communicate in plain English because communication and understanding are the keys to success.


Outsourced Helpdesk UK

Couno will be your IT department for a fixed and affordable monthly fee. By working with us, your IT system will not be a constant source of problems but an enabling tool for your business and its staff to increase both productivity and profitability.

Please dial 01702 811222 or email to book your consultation.


Couno’s customer charter

  • Our mission is to enhance your company’s productivity with data
  • Couno aims to increase your profitability with smoother business operation and lower fixed costs
  • We’re always available so, in case of a problem, we guarantee minimal disruption
  • To see the value we bring to your basis, analyse your company’s KPIs before and after we started service
  • We shape our service around your business. It’s completely scalable and you can increase or decrease service as and when your business requires it