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Managed Cyber Security Services
Managed Cyber Security Services

Couno’s managed cybersecurity helps you manage a landscape full of ever-changing and evolving threats to business & consumer data security.

Cybersecurity is an ongoing battle between those trying to steal sensitive data by any and all means and those trying to prevent it an attack.

By choosing Couno as your managed cyber security consultant, you’ll be able to rely on a team of professionals who can commit their time to fighting the internet bad guys on your behalf.

We begin with looking for your business system’s vulnerabilities. When we’ve identified areas of concern, we’ll deploy the very latest monitoring and defence products to keep your business-critical data safe.

This include:

  • Ensuring your network is secure
  • Keeping your email and internet traffic appropriately filtered
  • Constantly maintaining firewalls
  • Continuously maintaining your software, updates and service patches
  • Remotely monitoring your network 24/7

Level by level protection against cyber attacks

Managed Cyber Security

While some threats, such as DDoS attacks, can be handled by computers others require human monitoring and intervention (e.g. ransomware, phishing, email spoofing, and more).

Our entire service to you is underpinned by round -the-clock cybersecurity monitoring. This is a perfect blend of the speed and accuracy of machines and the decision-making abilities of our expert, fully-qualified staff.

Education is everything

As your chosen cyber security provider, we’ll take a whole-organisation approach to protecting your data. Since 90% of cyber breaches happen because of user error, it’s important that every single person who has access to your company computers understands the threats. We’ll work with you to create a culture that promotes cyber security, delivering expert training and support to everyone that matters:

  • you
  • your board
  • your existing IT team
  • your staff

In the event of a breach, we will protect you and your company with an effective and reliable combination of encryption and back-up. Should your data be stolen, we use industry-standard encryption techniques to ensure it cannot be read, used, or sold with industry-standard encryption techniques.

Our Cloud-based backup services continually duplicate and maintain the current data situation, so your information can never be completely lost.

Managed Cyber Security Services

Couno managed cyber security

Couno’s managed cyber security services is designed to both enhance your productivity and increase your profitability through:

  • seamless business operations
  • low fixed costs
  • reputational protection

Our solutions are completely scalable and can be adapted on a month-by-month basis to fit your company and its needs.

We’re committed to a customer service charter that promises you full support at all times, delivered in a way that staff on all levels can understand.

An example of our managed cybersecurity service

Work with us and you can choose a mix of services to suit your business needs:

  • 24/7, 365-day-a-year threat monitoring and management
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Software updates and patches managed for you
  • Loss prevention
  • In-house service desk offering staff remote IT support and onsite IT support
  • Incident management and resolution
  • Proper user configuration of connected devices, apps, software, and operating systems
  • Bespoke cybersecurity policy and implementation
  • Staff training to promote a culture of cyber security
  • Firewall and UTM management
  • Malware protection
  • End point protection
  • Managed back-up, continuity and business disaster planning
  • Data loss and theft prevention strategies
  • Wi-Fi protection.

Contact us about your managed cyber security service

With millions of new devices being connected every day, bringing with them a continuous stream of data threats from both inside and outside your business, choose a Couno managed cybersecurity service designed to fit your company.

Please dial 020 3553 4696 or email to book your consultation.


Couno’s customer charter

  • Our mission is to enhance your company’s productivity with data
  • Couno aims to increase your profitability with smoother business operation and lower fixed costs
  • We’re always available so, in case of a problem, we guarantee minimal disruption
  • To see the value we bring to your basis, analyse your company’s KPIs before and after we started service
  • We shape our service around your business. It’s completely scalable and you can increase or decrease service as and when your business requires it