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Onsite IT Support
Onsite IT Support

Couno’s onsite IT support

Couno’s onsite IT support service offers unlimited remote IT support from our dedicated service team, along with office hours on-site engineer time & 24/7 monitoring.

Employing your own IT team is fraught with risk and expense.

When you’re recruiting, what IT knowledge do you need in the business? If you’re not from a technical background, how do you evaluate CVs and test the technical knowledge of applicants at interview? How will you be able to assess their suitability before offering the role and check their work once they’ve started working for you?

Employing just one IT technician can add over £40,000 to your annual fixed costs. And, even if you select the right person, what if something comes up that your employee has little or no expertise of experience in?

With Couno’s onsite IT support, these are questions you’ll never have to worry about.

Couno’s onsite IT support services is a fully scalable solution that can be tailored to the exact needs of your business. Instead of incurring the expense and hassle of employing and managing an in-house IT support team, our on-site support service means we become your IT team.

The advantage to you of outsourcing is that, in addition to being available at a significant cost saving compared to having in-house IT specialists, you have no holiday pay, employment law, or any other of the hassles involved with hiring and retaining staff.

You get to choose the level of support you need and pay a fixed monthly fee for onsite IT support. All costs are covered by your fixed monthly amount, so there are no nasty surprises.

Better still, you can scale the service up or down as needed. Your company is in complete control the whole time.

Couno gives you access to dozens of skilled IT technicians and support staff, each with their own areas of expertise and knowledge. So as technologies change, you’ll always be ahead of the game.

What is onsite IT support?

Couno’s on site IT support service includes:

  • Monitoring of IT hardware and software
  • Thorough Cyber security audit of your hardware and software to pinpoint vulnerable areas and protect them against increasingly aggressive cyberattacks
  • Automatic critical software and security updates loaded onto your terminals, servers, and network
  • Advanced IT network and server monitoring tools providing early warnings at any time your company may need to go into defensive mode and back up its data.

Onsite IT Support

Our on-site IT support service customers also benefit from a comprehensive remote support service. The advantages to your business include:

  • Unlimited remote support by telephone and email for all server, PC, and network issues
  • Fast resolution of any issues, with most problems being fixed at first contact
  • Technicians and advisors available on the phone from 8.00am to 6.00pm
  • Self-service IT support hub that staff can access on their desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones
  • Guaranteed response and resolution times
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Preventative maintenance and updates
  • Ransomware protection
  • Expertise in solving all network, server, and terminal issues
  • Unlimited email and telephone support from Couno’s experienced team

Onsite IT Support team

On site IT support services

As a Couno customer, every single one of our staff members is your IT support team. There’s no need to carry permanent IT support staff costs in your business. You don’t have to pay expensive outside experts a call-out charge or pay by the hour to fix things your existing staff can’t.

We understand the importance of making sure any work in your business is undertaken with the minimal of disruption, so we’ll work around you to help you get your job done.

In an era where businesses are under constant threat of cyberattack, we’re focused on protecting your business and ensuring compliance. When we take care of the little things (like software updates, virus patching, ransomware protection, and network security), the bigger things rarely, if ever, become a problem.

Our onsite IT support services are carried out an agreed, fixed monthly cost that you can budget for – which means no surprises when it comes to billing time.

On site IT support services – onsite IT support London

We provide onsite IT support service across Essex and London.

On site IT support services – contact us

If your business wants the benefits of having skilled IT experts on hand, for a low fixed monthly cost please contact 020 3553 4696 or email to discuss today.


Couno’s customer charter

  • Our mission is to enhance your company’s productivity with data
  • Couno aims to increase your profitability with smoother business operation and lower fixed costs
  • We’re always available so, in case of a problem, we guarantee minimal disruption
  • To see the value we bring to your basis, analyse your company’s KPIs before and after we started service
  • We shape our service around your business. It’s completely scalable and you can increase or decrease service as and when your business requires it